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FITMIN PURITY KITTEN: grain free kitten food

Dry food for small cats up to 12 months of age and pregnant and lactating cats, with 86% animal protein of animal origin.

Product description

Fitmin Purity is a range of natural cat food made with fresh grain free meats. With prebiotic plants and natural antioxidants. An explosion of flavor for the most select palates.


CHICKEN MEAT – is light, tasty and highly digestible thanks to the small diameter of the muscle fibres and the low content of collagen and elastin. It is rich in iron and zinc, two minerals that are very important to oxygenate the blood and tissues, and to give your animal a healthier coat. The high content of linoleic acid helps to protect the skin and is beneficial for the quality of the coat and the reproductive system.

CHAMOMILE – has a positive effect on the digestive and the urinary systems, it also has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and reduces flatulence. Chamomile has a positive effect on the digestive and urinary systems.

GOJI BERRIES – the vitamins and trace elements contained in these fruits have a positive effect on the body’s defences and immunity. They strengthen eyesight, improve formation of the blood and vitality of the skin.

GINGER– has an anti-inflammatory effect and a positive effect on the digestion. It also promotes detoxification of the body.

ROSEMARY EXTRACT – prolongs cell life, stimulates liver function and improves digestion.

PIG LIVER – has a positive effect on haematopoiesis: also, the liver contains iron which is highly absorbable in the body.



Meat (dehydrated chicken meat 24%, fresh chicken meat 20%, fresh pig liver 19%, dehydrated duck meat 8%, dehydrated fish 5.6% – hake, conger eel and sardine, dehydrated beef and pork 1.7%), poultry fat, potatoes, green peas, chicken eggs, beet fibre, apples, inactive Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast, brewer’s yeast,  curd, flaxseed, cold pressed oil from Norwegian salmon, complex of herbs (stinging nettle leaves, dandelion leaves, chamomile flowers 0.17%, melissa leaves, linden blossom) minerals, chicory root, Goji berries 0.2%, ginger root 0.1%, Schidigera yucca.



Crude protein 38 %, crude oils and fats 22 %, crude fibre 2 %, crude ash 7.1 %, calcium 1.2 %, phosphorous 0.9 %, sodium 0.4%.