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FITMIN PURITY SENIOR: grain free food for senior cats over 8 years old

Dry food for senior cast or casts over 8 years old, with nutritional supplements for good health. It has, among other components, 71% animal protein.

Product description

Fitmin Purity is a range of natural cat food made with fresh grain free meats. With prebiotic plants and natural antioxidants. An explosion of flavor for the most select palates.


RABBIT MEAT – has a very high nutritional value and a significant amount of highly digestible proteins; it is also low in fat and cholesterol. In terms of minerals, it is a rich source of calcium, phosphorous, copper, cobalt and zinc. For all these characteristics, rabbit meat is an ideal ingredient for a low calorie food.

LAMB MEAT – is an excellent source of B-group vitamins (for example B12 and thiamine) which are essential for metabolic reactions in the body. Lamb meat contains zinc, essential for growth, healing and a healthy immune system.

MILK THISTLE – contains antioxidants, stimulates the growth of liver cells, is beneficial for the liver and protects it from toxins.

BLUEBERRIES – strengthen the eyesight and improve elasticity and firmness of the blood vessel walls. They also have a disinfectant effect which has a positive impact on inflammatory diseases of the digestive and urinary systems. Another benefit they offer is the positive effect on the consistency of the faeces.

BLACKCURRANT – is rich in vitamins and minerals. It delays aging, strengthens the immune system and has a positive effect on the elasticity of the blood vessels.

ALFALFA – has a positive effect on the digestive system and stimulates cleansing of the kidneys. It is beneficial for the body’s cellular metabolism, strengthens the body’s defences and regenerates it.

GREEN-LIPPED MUSSEL – is a natural source of taurine. It promotes recovery of cartilage and sinovial fluid, so contributing to regeneration of the locomotor system.



Meat (dehydrated chicken meat 20%, fresh rabbit meat 15%, fresh lamb meat 15%, dehydrated lamb meat 9%, pig liver 4%), potatoes, green peas, poultry fat, apples, beet fibre, flaxseed, chicken eggs, brewer’s yeast, cold pressed oil from Norwegian salmon, inactive Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast, alfalfa 1%, blackcurrants 1%, complex of herbs (stinging nettle leaves, dandelion leaves, German chamomile flowers, melissa leaves, linden blossom) blueberries 1%, minerals, chicory root, green-lipped mussels 0.2%, milk thistle 0.1%, Mojave Yucca, complex of natural antioxidants for cellular regeneration.



Crude protein 3.1 %, crude oils and fats 1.1 %, crude fibre 3.1 %, crude ash 7.6 %, calcium 1.3 %, phosphorous 0.95 %, sodium 0.35 %.