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  • Dibaq Natural Moments Baby Kitten
Dibaq Natural Moments

Dibaq Natural Moments Baby Kitten

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100% natural food for kittens up to 12 months with 95% animal protein.Complete food for puppies cats from the first month of life to the first year.Made with Pavo, chicken and rice.Strengthen your immune system thanks to salmon oil other than dental care and hair balls.

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Nutritional description

THE COMPOSITION: Chicken and Pavo 41,5%, rice 28%, chicken oil, rubber pulp (fiber source), egg, milk, salmon oil(essential fatty acids source), malt extract 0,5%, mineral substances, yuca extract, natural plants (oregano, romero, tomato, valerian, matricaria, melisa, bitter orange and alcachofa), Siliqua Ceratonia, amino acids (taurine), acerola extract, achicoria root 0.1 % (inulin-FOS source), dental complex 0.1 % (ortiga and ginger), beer leaving 0.05 % (MOS), tocoferols 0.05 % (natural antioxidant source)

THE ANALYTICAL COMPONENTS: Gross Protein 40%, Gross Fat 20%, Gross Fiber 1.5%, Inorganic Matter 7%, Calcium 1.5%, Phosphorus 0.8%, Vitamin A 22.000 IU/kg, Vitamin D3 2.200 IU/kg, Vitamin E (α-tocoferol) 120 mg/kg, Metabolic Energy 3957,5 kcal/kg.

ADDITIVES : Technological additives: Conservants and antioxidants (natural tocoferols 0.05 %).Nutritional additives/kg: Amino acids: Taurine 1200 mg.Oligoelements: Iron 350 mg (as iron carbonate (II)), Yod 3.9 mg (as potassium iodide), Copper 19 mg (as copper sulfate (II) pentahydrated), Manganese 67 mg (as manganese oxide), Zinc 195 mg (as zinc oxide), Selen 0,39 mg (as sodium selenite).


“Dibaq Natural Moments Cat Baby Kitten is a food for cats under a year and cats in pregnancy or breastfeeding period with up to 95% of animal protein.It strengthens your immune system, prevents hair balls and protects your denture.It is a recipe prepared with chicken and beef, egg, milk, malt extract, natural plants (oregano, romero, tomato, valerian, matricaria, melisa, bitter orange and alcachofa), yuca extract to neutralize odors, taurine ( essential amino acid for its proper development), prebiotics and natural antioxidants.

The Recipes of Dibaq Natural Moments they are cooked using meat and fish as the first ingredient offering up to 95% animal protein to conseguir optimal digestibility.Its complete range for dogs and cats provides nutritional solutions adapted to the age (chors, adult and advanced age), size (small, medium and large races) and functional needs (sterilized, dental, dietary, hair balls and urinary) of each pet.

At Dibaq we know how lucky we are to have our origin in Castilla and León.This land gives us the resources with which we elaborate our products and that’s why we’ve wanted to give you tribute including images of your different landscapes.These images transmit, not only the wealth of Castilla and León, but a wild and natural beauty, the same that dogs have with our food.“

Place the food in the cometer.The amounts indicated in the food table vary depending on the weight, physical activity and individuality of each animal.Any food change should be gradual, over 4 or 5 days, to prevent the appearance of intestinal disorders.The cat should always have clean and fresh water in abundance at its disposal.Note: Keep the package closed well in a fresh and dry place, isolated from the ground and seeking it to be away from the rays of the sun.


Age of the Cat (months)

Ration (g / day)


30 to 38

3 to 4

38 to 45

4 – 6

45 – 70

6 to 8

70 to 90


90 to 100

Gestant cats


Lactant cats


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