About Dibaq
Sustainability, Proximity, Quality and Care for Pets
Sustainable packaging
With Dibaq you take care of the planet because we use recycled packaging and compostables, paper from sustainable forests (FSC), biodegradable materials and water inks that pollute the oceans less.
Care of the planet
We apply in our processes an Integrated Waste Management System by opting for the use of 100% recyclable materials and remove single-use plastics and reduce all food waste.
Welfare products
We produce balanced and nutritious diets with fresh and natural ingredients.Our cooking processes follow strict quality processes that allow us to be supported by the IFS certification (International Food Standard).
Local commitment
We bet for local suppliers to get proximity ingredients for our recipes and reduce carbon footprint CO2 .
Animal respect
We are committed to associations and protectors in the struggle for protection and defense of animals.We bring our sand granite and give them visibility.
Innovation, Internationalization and Tradition
Kitchens Tips
We have a own Veterinary and R & D equipment that create our recipes directly in our kitchens and produce them on a slow fire, like at home, taking care of the quality and freshness of the ingredients.
Manufacturers English
The Dibaq Group is one of the leading domestic and international manufacturers of pet food.Our brands are known in more than 60 countries around the world.
Alma Segoviana
We're supported more than 60 years of experience in our kitchens of Segovia.Mix Innovation and Tradition, creating the recipes more innovative and the most flavors traditional.We plasmamos our roots and passion for pets in unique recipes.
Dibaq, Specialists in Animal Nutrition

In Dibaq Petcare we have faithful commitment to care for pets and as no, his food.We take care of pets as part of the family and offer them a holistic and natural feeding for dogs and cats .

We are increasingly concerned about the origin and treatment of the food we eat and the pets were not going to be less.One of the pillars of Holistic feeding is the development of the recipes for animals with natural ingredients and the philosophy of improving the physical and emotional state through the ingredients we ingest using all its natural benefits.

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