Dibaq Sense Grain Free Pato & Pavo (Light and Senior)
  • Dibaq Sense Grain Free Pato & Pavo (Light and Senior)
Dibaq Sense

Dibaq Sense Grain Free Pato & Pavo (Light and Senior)

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100% natural hypoallergenic food for senior dogs over 7 years of age and adults with a tendency to obesity. Made without cereal and with joint protectors.

Nutritional description

This cereal-free recipe was originally intended for human consumption to ensure its quality levels and ease of digestion.It is composed of low-fat nutrients that allow to bring a healthy diet to all those dogs of advanced age or with a tendency to obesity who also need fiber to have a feeling of saturation.A delicious food to control your pet’s weight, improve their cardiovascular system and protect their joints.

THE ANALYTICAL COMPONENTS: Gross protein 24%, Gross fat 9%, Gross fiber 4.8%, Inorganic matter 5.9%, Vitamin A 22000 IU/kg, Vitamin D3 2200 IU/kg, Vitamin E (α-tocoferol) 120 mg/kg, Ca 1.5%, P 0.9%, Na 0.11%, E.M. 3322,5 kcal/kg.


THE COMPOSITION: Fresh chicken meat 20%*, 20 % chicken fresh meat*, 18 % chicken dehydrated meat*, potato, chicken butter, chicken pulp, chicken dehydrated protein, chicken oil, chicken liver hydrolyzed, vegetables and fresh fruits 4% (champins*, sandwiches*, mango* and apple*), 1% vegetable fiber (lignocelulose, natural insoluble fiber with saturating effect), salmon oil (source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids), mineral substances, joint protector pack (Condroitine sulfate, Glucosamine sulfate and MSM), L-carnitine 0,1%, juice (infucking) (infucking) (infucking) (infucking) (infucking) (infucking) (infucking) (infucking).• Natural ingredients.


ADDITIVES : Nutritional additives/kg: Condroitine sulfate 750 mg, Glucosamine sulfate 750 mg.Oligoelements: Iron 195 mg (like iron carbonate), Yodine 2.2 mg (like potassium iodine), Copper 13 mg (like copper sulfate (II) pentahydrated), Manganese 44,5 mg (like manganese oxide), Zinc 185 mg (like zinc oxide), Selenium 0.33 mg (like sodium selenite).Technological additives: Conservants (natural citrus extract) and antioxidants (natural tocoferols).


Dibaq Sense Duck and Pea is a recipe made without special cereals for adult dogs with a tendency to obesity or dogs of advanced age (over 7 years). Fresh duck and turkey meats are low in fat, rich in minerals and vitamin B and have an optimal level of protein. It includes fiber to give a feeling of satiety and joint protectors (chondroitin and glucosamine) to protect and strengthen your joints. With L-Carnitine, good for the heart and weight control. A delicacy full of nutrition and health.

Dibaq Sense is an exclusive hypoallergenic range with 100% natural ingredients. Recipes made with fresh meat (salmon, herring, chicken, duck, turkey...), fresh fruits and vegetables (potatoes, sweet potatoes, peppers, blueberries, apples, mango...) joint protectors (chondroitin and glucosamine), prebiotic plants and natural antioxidants.

All ingredients are originally fit for human consumption and of the highest quality. Recipes are made in our own kitchens, so fresh ingredients don't lose the cold chain and retain all their nutritional qualities and all their flavor. In addition, we try to keep ingredients close together to reduce our carbon footprint. A full range of complete dog and cat foods. Grain Free and Low Grain recipes with fresh meats.

Dibaq Sense covers all the needs of our pets, from puppies, seniors, mini breeds... it's an allergy and intolerance proof range. Dibaq Sense Grain Free for pets with intolerance to cereals. Monoprotein recipes of lamb for pets intolerant to other meats or fish. Plus, we can round out the menu with croquettes, grain-free cans and a juicy treat Dibaq Sense Snack Bar Grain Free, with fresh meat and joint protectors.

For the most tasty, we recommend mixing the croquettes with a tablespoon of tin, and as a reward when they do well a few pieces of Dibaq Sense The snack bar. All references are hypoallergenic and have joint protectors. The authentic holistic and 100% natural experience that you will enjoy with all five senses.

Put the food on the diner by always leaving clean and fresh water available.If you do any food change that gradually, over 4 or 5 days, to avoid intestinal disorders.Keep the package closed in a fresh and dry place, away from the ground and from the direct sunlight.Not suitable for human consumption.See the orientative table.

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