Protein recipes

Discover our high-protein recipes (up to 95% animal protein) for your pet
Recipes High in Protein
The recipes of Dibaq Natural Moments are cooked using meat and fish as first ingredient offering up to a 95% animal protein for optimal digestibility.
More about our protein recipes
What are proteins?
It's a macronutrient and a major component of cells. They are involved in cell growth and development and repair. What. This protein may be of animal or vegetable origin.
Why is animal protein good?
They have a high biological value they have a higher proportion of essential amino acids. They provide energy and are much more digestible that's more than plant-based protein.
Up to 95% of Animal Proteins
Our recipes they have up to 95% animal protein. Croquettes with high biological value age-appropriate (puppy, adult, senior) and size (mini, medium, and maxi) of your pet.
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Other recipes we offer you
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Hypoallergenic recipes
Monoprotein recipes, free of wheat, gluten, corn, soy and egg. The ingredients are 100% natural.
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Fresh meat, fruit and vegetables
Offer your pet the best fresh meat, fruits and vegetables the healthiest and tastiest bite!
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