Hypoallergenic recipes

Discover our wheat, gluten, corn, soy and egg-free products
Food It is hypoallergenic for pets

The digestive system of some pets is not biologically prepared to digest grains, so allergies, dermatitis, indigestion, and intolerance occur.

The hypoallergenic recipes are designed to prevent allergies and intolerances to common proteins. Dibaq Sense it's made up for pets with sensitive digestive systems or intolerances protein from cereals or protein from certain meats or fish.

Why do our recipes stand out?
Hypoallergenic recipes
An exclusive feed for your pet no wheat, no gluten, no corn, no soy and no eggs. Recipes with rice, a necessary nutrient and very digestible source of carbohydrates to give you a extra energy
Transparency in labelling
In our products you can see the percentage and origin of proteins, thus eliminating protein products that cause intolerance or allergy in pets.
Monoprotein references
In our Dibaq products we have monoprotein recipes where to select the exact ingredient excluding certain proteins that cause poor digestion or intolerance to our pets.
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