Dibaq Sense The Snax Bar
  • Dibaq Sense The Snax Bar
Dibaq Sense

Dibaq Sense The Snax Bar

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Dibaq Sense Snax Bar Cordero is a monoprotective hypoallergenic lamb award for adult dogs of all breeds with intolerances to other meats or fish

checkwithout cereals
checkWithout gluten
checkFresh meat
checkWithout chicken
Nutritional description

This natural snack with bear and vegetables will love your dog.In addition to being easy to prepare, it contains all the ingredients to make you have a complete vitamin contribution favouring the digestion of your pet.

THE COMPOSITION: Sheep 74%*, dehydrated potato, vegetables and fresh fruits 4% (green juices*, potato* and apple*), vegetable fiber, salmon oil (source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids), joint protectors (Condrotine sulfate, glucosamine sulfate and MSM), minerals and aromatic plants (oregano*, romero*, tomato*).• Natural ingredients.

THE ANALYTICAL COMPONENTS: Raw protein 10%, raw fat 3.5%, raw fiber 1.3%, inorganic matter 1.8%, humidity 69%, Vitamin A 3000 IU/kg, Vitamin D3 300 IU/kg, Vitamin E (α-tocoferol) 16 mg/kg, Metabolic Energy 115,15 kcal/kg.

ADDITIVES : Technological additives: Conservants and agglomerants (guma guar E-412 and carragenate E-407).Nutritional additives/kg: Condroitine sulfate 250 mg, Glucosamine sulfate 250 mg.Oligoelements: Iron 1.3 mg (as iron carbonate), Yode 0.3 mg (as potassium iodide), Copper 1.2 mg (as copper II sulfate pentahydrated), Manganese 4.5 mg (as manganese oxide), Zinc 18.5 mg (as zinc oxide), Selen 0.34 mg (as sodium selenite).


Dibaq Sense Snax Bar is a monoproteic hypoallergenic Snax.Made with fresh bear meat (for dogs with intolerance to other meat or fish) fresh fruits and vegetables (green juices, potatoes and apples) aromatic plants to improve digestion and joint protectors.It does not carry cereals. Dibaq Sense it is an exclusive hypoallergenic range with 100% Natural ingredients.

Recipes made with fresh meats (Salmon, sandwiches, chicken, pot, pavo ...), fresh fruits and vegetables (patates, boniate, peppers, sandwiches, apples, mango ...), joint protectors (condroitin and glucosamine), prebiotic plants and natural antioxidants.All ingredients are in origin suitable for human consumption and of top quality.The recipes are made in our own cuisine, so the fresh ingredients do not lose the cold chain and retain all their nutritional qualities and all the taste.

In addition, we try to make the ingredients close to reduce carbon footprint.A complete range of complete food for dogs and cats.Recipes Grain Free and Low Grain with fresh meat. Dibaq Sense it covers all the needs of our pets, from pets, senior, mini races... It is a test range of allergies and intolerance. Dibaq Sense Grain Free for pets with cereal intolerance.Monoproteic sheep recipes for pets intolerant to other meat or fish.In addition, we can complete the menu with croquettes, grain free latitas and a juicy prize Dibaq Sense Snax Bar Grain Free, with fresh meat and joint protectors.

For the most golious, we recommend mixing the croquettes with a teaspoon of latita, and as a prize when we carry some pieces of Dibaq Sense The Snax Bar.All references are hypoallergenic and have joint protectors.The authentic holistic and 100% natural experience you will enjoy with the 5 senses.

Remove the package and administer the product as a supplement to the usual diet.Keep the package in a fresh and dry place, away from the sun's rays.Once open, keep in the refrigerator and consume in 48 hours.

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