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Dibaq Sense Grain Free
Recipes prepared with your pet in mind
Fresh meat

Our ingredients make the difference and our Dibaq recipes are prepared with up to 50% of the best fresh meat so offering your pet food that is tastier, more nutritious and of higher quality.

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50% fresh meat

Grain Free, GMO Free and Gluten Free

We prepare hypo-allergenic recipes that do not contain grain, wheat, gluten, corn or any type of genetically-modified organism. Specifically designed for pets with a sensitive digestion.

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High Protein

Our recipes contain a high percentage of animal protein, guaranteeing the best nutrients and providing a special flavor and an excellent tolerance of our food.

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As specialists in animal nutrition, our recipes are prepared using a selection of natural ingredients and with active biological properties that strengthen your pet’s immune system, helping it to maintain its quality of life when it is suffering from parasites or tumours.

It is suffering from parasites or tumours process!

We are specialists in Animal Nutrition