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Does my dog need a trainer?

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You love your dog and we know it.We also worship our own.But sometimes it is necessary to modify habits in their behavior that are not the most suitable and, for this, the best decision is to count with the help of a professional who gives us the guidelines we must follow with our hair friend, since each dog has its own way of being and its characteristics that will make the training personalized to each case.

We could say that, in all cases, a trainer will teach your dog to have an optimal behavior.But they are those cases in which the behavior of our dog generates tensions and conflicts where the figure of the coach or dog educator is truly essential.

For this, it is essential that you contact a well-trained professional in the subject, either by recommendations from your circle of friends or acquaintances or by checking that you have the corresponding license.A person who does not have the necessary training can create more disadvantages than advantages.

In most cases, the dog educator will also be a family educator, because they are often the ones our actions cause the animal's bad behavior.Therefore, it is essential that you follow the professional guidelines without exception and, above all, that you do not forget them when the training period ends.

In a first session, the professional will talk to family members and observe the dog’s behavior.From there, it will make an assessment of the attitudes that must be corrected and will put in place the mechanisms that are necessary to conseguir the targeted goals.Depending on each case, more or less sessions will be needed, although the average is estimated in about 8 sessions.

Most consultations to dog educators are related to dog socialization, behavior modifications (mording, throwing or throwing from the cornea) or Agility training.Professionals remind us that it is much easier to acquire good habits if this training occurs in the stage in which they are dogs, although never before the 7-8 months.

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