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Why is it important to take care of your cat's weight?

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Obese cats are more likely to have diseases in advanced age and therefore have less life expectancy.

Therefore, if you see your cat has no desire to play and is more perish than usual, it is very important to control his weight both with food and trying to move a little more.Encourage you with new toys so that you move and look at the ingredients of your food.

To prevent this, you need to give them a low-fat and high-fiber and protein food.
These foods by having fewer calories allow to reduce energy without having to decrease the diet.
In addition to weight gain, you may have problems with the urinary tract.


So what should I do?

Give them a low-fat and carbohydrate food and enhance high-protein and fiber foods.This fiber reduces the fat content of the food and has a saturating effect.In addition, a high protein food helps you maintain your muscle and improves insulin sensitivity.


Dibaq Sense Esterilized Cat is the perfect recipe for taking care of our sterilized cats.It is a hypoallergenic Grain free recipe prepared with fresh meat of chicken and pot (fat bags), fresh fruits and vegetables, joint protectors, renal and dental complex, and yuca to reduce the smell of the feces (important in interior cats)

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